Mary Ann has worked with different modalities of healing, spiritual and emotional growth, and conscious awareness for over 40 years. Her sessions vary depending on the person and what is being called for at the time.

Generally a session begins with exploration of a problem. Whether it manifests as physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, she will usually tap into unconscious patterns that are connected and give the client new ways of approaching and dealing with them in their daily lives. Or, she may use Quantum physics techniques. She may also suggest Rising Star or Prema Birthing healings.

Her understanding of spiritual, emotional and physical concepts, as well as a background in developmental psychology, help her to assist the client in many ways. This part of the session may be followed by her healing meditation, or table work, or both.

The guided meditation and energetic table work (hands on healing) connect deeply into the body, field and psyche to release old trauma, repair injury, clear and balance. Occasionally different modalities may be called for such as teaching the client simple Qui Gong to open the meridians and charge and balance the field and body, or Tong Wren Therapy , a form of acupuncture which is performed off the body but has the same or more powerful effect as using needles in the body.She will also teach the client several simple but powerful techniques to shift and dissolve old patterns that may be triggered in the course of daily life.

Very often Barbara Brennan Healing Science methods are called for as well as techniques taught by Enlightened Master Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda based on ancient Vedic traditions. Beyond these techniques, the main focus is helping the client learn how to drop into their essence or ‘Presence' and operate from and make decisions and choices from this deeper place within themselves, rather than from habitual defensive patterns which no longer serve them.

Long distance clients are worked with over the phone or internet for the initial part of the session, and then simply hang up and lie down while they are worked on energetically. Her clients in England, Ireland, Japan, Italy and Canada as well as here in the States have reported that the distance work is felt just as if she were present with them.

Mary Ann says that she and the modalities are only modest tools in the hands of the Divine. She finds it a truly humbling experience to be permitted to serve in this way.

Whatever the method, the work is always gentle and compassionate, and the effects are powerful. The client leaves with a sense of peace and well being and new tools to empower themselves and facilitate their own healing process rather than dependency on strictly external sources.

Some things Mary Ann works with

  • Physical injury or illness
  • Emotional problems
  • Clearing old trauma
  • Chakra/field clearing, repair, balancing
  • Spiritual problems
  • Relational Problems
  • Stagnation/ Inertia
  • Past life trauma/ clearing
  • Animal injury, illness, emotional trauma
  • Space clearing on buildings or property/releasing earth bound spirits
  • Supporting the dying in passing


The Rising Star Healing System is probably the most complementary healing system on the planet at this time. It raises the vibration of the aura (human energy field) and the field around every living thing.The Rising Star Healing System stills the mind and transfers divine life energy to the part of your being that needs it most, for your healing and rebalancing to full health. Because of this and because it works on so many different levels at once, a person receiving it, say for a bad back, may find that another illness also gets helped.The Rising Star Healing System is so simple and yet so powerful.The Rising Star works on all levels: THE MIND, THE PHYSICAL, and THE SPIRITUAL. You don't have to have faith, follow a specific religion, or believe in it for it to be effective. It merely takes your willingness to want to heal. The Rising Star works on the five elements: fire water, air, earth and ether.The Rising StarHealing System brings your body, mind, and spirit back into balance.

Rising Star was channeled by Derek O'Neill, a psychotherapist, healer and instrument of Divine energy from Ireland. Since then, thousands around the world have been trained and healed through the Rising Star Healing System and have agreed that it is very effective, and in some cases life changing. Why are three healing sessions recommended?
During the first session your mind will want to follow what the practitioner is doing. So most people don't switch off and relax deeply. During the second session the mind lets go of control more so that deeper issues can be dealt with by you and the loving help of Divine energy. In the third session every part of your being is filled with love and light, as you are now ready to let go of the issue or dis-ease.

The overall response to this system speaks for itself. Many who have received the Rising Star go on to become practitioners themselves. To learn more about Derek O'Neill and his foundation please visit

Prema Birthing Healing System™
The Prema Birthing Healing System is the most loving way to be REBORN into Love.The Prema Birthing process can eliminate all kinds of dis-ease from your mind, body, and spirit. This is proven both scientifically and spiritually. The environment in which this process takes place is an artificial WOMB. The difference this time is that you are aware of the things you want to get rid of in your life before your "rebirthing". By bringing this consciousness of what you want to let go of into the process, and then letting go of it during the rebirthing, you emerge with the new program running on your HARD DRIVE that says you are whole and well.
How can it help me? The statement "WHAT THE MIND BELIEVES IT ACHIEVES" is a powerful antidote, and may have been the cause for all the self help books to be written. Truly our greatest healer and teacher lies within. We at SQ Wellness believe that the Prema Birthing process is like bringing you right back to the programmer to have old programs, no longer useful in your life, deleted and new positive programs put in their place with your consent so that you are ready to face the world as a whole being. You become ready to find the Truth that will set you free from limitation and put yourself on the path to abundance.
Where did this healing system originate?
Other rebirthing modalities have used similar information but with limited success. We feel that it is because they have forgotten the most important part of the process:


The Prema Birthing Healing System is not a new technique. It can be traced back to many cultures such as the ancient sleep temples of Egypt, the secret teachings of the mystery schools around the world, and even the Tibetan and Hindu yogi secrets. These traditions knew that the mind was the creator or manifestor of our lives. So take a deep breath and make the first step happen.



In May of 2005, Mary Ann was initiated personally by Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda into Ananda Healing. Ananda healers become direct channels for Swamiji’s powerful healing energy. All Ananda healings are free of charge, but must be in person.

Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda is a revolutionary spiritual master of our millennium. He experienced enlightenment on Jan.1, 2000. His mission is to awaken the divinity that lies latent in man, and to heal the world through the powers of meditation. Swamiji’s divine healing powers and simple practical meditation techniques help an individual to blossom in every sphere of life.

His Life Bliss Program (LBP) is a 2 day healing and meditation workshop that focuses on the seven major chakras(energy centers) of the body with powerful meditation techniques to cleanse and activate each.

To find out more about Nithyananda, or find the nearest LBP visit Swamiji’s website at :


While the world today appears to be in such turmoil our planet is actually experiencing one of the greatest transformations in the history of mankind. The struggles we are witnessing are the labor pains of birthing a new world into higher levels of consciousness. Many of the disasters and conflicts are directly related to the purging of our collective negativity as the increasing frequencies bring lower vibratory matter to the surface on both a personal and planetary level.

In order to create the smoothest transition possible, for all those who are willing and who’s intention is to let go of old distorted patterns and fear based reality, many forms of assistance are being made available.

The Archangels and Ascended Masters themselves do the work, moving deep into the chakras to dissolve old psychic and emotional debris and heal old wounds from many life times.

Each participant will also be given a simple yet extremely powerful technique to use each day which takes only 5 to 10 minutes and will reduce mental confusion, and accelerate the healing and ascension process, as well as clear and strengthen the field and the physical body.