The long wait is finally over! After years of requests for a recording of her healing meditation that clients could use at home, it’s finally here!

The ‘healing meditation’ actually developed out of Mary Ann’s own healing journey. After many years of deep personal work and study, there were still areas of wounding that seemed inaccessible. Her delving inward, beyond anything she had learned or developed herself previously was the beginning of what is now this meditation.

The meditation itself is actually a way of connecting the waking conscious awareness to parts of the psyche that have been cut off, buried, denied or gone deep into the unconscious. There is a level of opening and integration that occurs, at which point the higher consciousness is brought in to facilitate even deeper healing. Then when there is an optimum level of openness and integration, an experiential journey helps to create ideal early experiences which may have been deficient in the developmental process and necessary to establish an internal container, internal safety, and a positive sense of self. Because she lives and embodies this work beyond an intellectual understanding she is able to bring listeners into a very deep state. The effect is profound.

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